Musing from the airport – Part Deux

Hello from the Canton-Akron airport!

Well, I made it to Cleveland without issue on the 19th, and now I’m hoping to make it back to Boston the same way.  Boston got hit the day after I left with a snow storm and just the other day with a blizzard, so I thankfully missed all of the chaos.  Now I’m just ready to sleep in my own apartment and get to some projects done before heading back to work in the new year.

And yes, one of the projects is working on my blog some more.


Musings from the airport

I don’t have much time before the flight arrives and I get to board, but I thought I’d pop in for a bit since I know it’s been a while.

I was a bit worried with the warnings of a Nor’easter earlier this week, but it seems to have gone way off over the ocean and we’ll only see very little snow. I’ve had a lot of people thinking positive and praying that I’d get off the ground without a hitch, and I’m extremely grateful (and I know my parents are as well).  I know I have a Franciscan and a Jesuit who would prefer snow, but also wanted me to be able to get home.  I do hope that they are able to see a bit of the white stuff soon 🙂  (just a cosmetic coating!)

The past two years on December 19th, the traveling weather has not been so kind to me.  I’ll go into these stories at another time (2008 was a bit amusing – ATL @ 2:30am isn’t overly exciting).

Off to get ready to board. It’s a full flight and I’m voluntarily checking my bag.  Everything is in my carry on or my backpack for a whole week at home.  And I only brought a pair of flats and the boots I’m wearing.  Be impressed, very impressed (okay, so I’m going shopping while @ home and may very well have to ship stuff back, but that’s not the point).

Breathing easy (compared to the past two years), and signing off until later.

The lasagna pan I don’t have (yet?!?!?)

The Executive Director of my department came past my office a few weeks ago a made a comment she hasn’t seen much going on with my blog.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I need to find the time to just sit down and write…..

Fast forward to today….

She was getting ready to leave and stopped by to let me know that her posts about holiday gifts (and more potential gifts) on our department blog were fairly popular and a lot of people clicked on the cat lady pride shirt.

I mentioned that I liked the idea of the All Edges Lasagna Pan since I had made pumpkin mushroom lasagna not too long ago and has issues with the noodles and everything else sliding all over. My first thought was that I just don’t make lasagna enough and that was my issue, but now I wonder if I just don’t have the right pan.


Then she mentioned that she hasn’t seen much on my blog and that I should blog about my lasagna and the pan that I don’t own (yet?!?!).

So here’s my post.

A few notes on the pumpkin mushroom lasagna (scroll down a bit to find it on Heather’s site)…

  • I used brown rice noodles that I let soften in some hot water first
  • I used ricotta cheese, not cottage cheese
  • I would sprinkle a little Parmesan cheese in each layer, not just on top
  • Cook this for a large group of people – my roommates enjoyed some, but I have quite a bit still in my freezer!

And so what’s kept me from blogging?  My friend sums it up pretty well: “Knowing you like I do, your challenge will be to apply the philosophy of your first post to the blog”

So here’s to working on applying the philosophy from my first post.