Musings from the airport

I don’t have much time before the flight arrives and I get to board, but I thought I’d pop in for a bit since I know it’s been a while.

I was a bit worried with the warnings of a Nor’easter earlier this week, but it seems to have gone way off over the ocean and we’ll only see very little snow. I’ve had a lot of people thinking positive and praying that I’d get off the ground without a hitch, and I’m extremely grateful (and I know my parents are as well).  I know I have a Franciscan and a Jesuit who would prefer snow, but also wanted me to be able to get home.  I do hope that they are able to see a bit of the white stuff soon 🙂  (just a cosmetic coating!)

The past two years on December 19th, the traveling weather has not been so kind to me.  I’ll go into these stories at another time (2008 was a bit amusing – ATL @ 2:30am isn’t overly exciting).

Off to get ready to board. It’s a full flight and I’m voluntarily checking my bag.  Everything is in my carry on or my backpack for a whole week at home.  And I only brought a pair of flats and the boots I’m wearing.  Be impressed, very impressed (okay, so I’m going shopping while @ home and may very well have to ship stuff back, but that’s not the point).

Breathing easy (compared to the past two years), and signing off until later.

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