Batten down the hatch! Hurricane Irene is a comin’!

If you haven’t heard, there’s a hurricane heading up the East Coast.
Hello Irene!

And like everyone else in the path, I’ve been preparing. I went out and got some water, food, light sticks (every place was all out of “D” size batteries), and looked up some new recipes to make. I think it’s sort of like nesting syndrome — when the weather gets bad, I cook. We all need sustenance, right?

Yes, the hurricane is serious business, but the way that media is hyping up every single little thing is a bit much. I got a kick out of the French Toast Alert System, so I made Banana Rum French Toast this afternoon for dinner.

This is what you need:

This picture is minus the maple syrup. I forgot to get that out – whoops!

I cut up the bananas, threw in some rum, vanilla, cinnamon & maple syrup and nuked it for a bit, stirring periodically.


I mixed milk, an egg, vanilla, rum & cinnamon together, dunked the bread and put it in a pan to cook.


Voila! Banana Rum French Toast!

So yummy and good, but I wasn’t done. Nope. Not at all! It was just sprinkling out and we still had power (Irene wasn’t even close… just her outer bands), therefore I still had time to make something else!

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I like the combination of peanut butter & chocolate. Actually, like isn’t even a strong enough word. I LOVE peanut butter & chocolate together. My favorite times of the year are Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter — only for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins, Trees, Hearts & Eggs. So fresh. So yummy. So much wonderfulness packed into one little form. *sigh*

Any combination of peanut butter & chocolate usually makes me happy though. As a kid, I used to eat Little Debbie Nutty Bars. I also loved them, and every once in a while indulge in them now.  Recently on I was perusing through some food blogs and found Iowa Girl Eats had made Homemade Nutty Bars.


Hold the phone.  She figured out the right combination and just made it possible to indulge in something I love and feel good about it because it’s healthier!!!!  I’m so giddy with excitement, I can’t handle it.

And a hurricane is the PERFECT reason to make these. If I’ve made them and the power goes out, they’re the prefect food to eat. Peanut butter is protein & filling. Chocolate is just good all around.

I randomly found the same wafers at the little grocery store Friday night as I was getting provisions, so I also picked up chocolate & fresh peanut butter.

I wrote down some quick instructions and went to it.  Kristin said she “…spread a very thin layer of peanut butter on one cracker…”.  Ummm…. I don’t comprehend “thin layer of peanut butter”.

Nope. (Oh, those are all the ingredients you need…. minus the rum… I just hadn’t put it away yet.)

But I understand all of the other directions! (I like peanut butter. Don’t judge.)

Ummmm… blurry picture. Sorry about that. But, I got the melting of the chocolate down perfectly, which is good because there was no going back out in the rain to get more from the grocery store!

Four squares of chocolate later, they’re all ready for the fridge!

And I clean up while I wait…..

Mmmmm…. chocolate!

And 20 minutes later, the finished product!

Bring it Irene…. I’m ready for you!

Except I need more chocolate if I’m going to make more of these….