Eat a popsicle, because it’s gonna be all right.


I know. see.
But I’m here for the moment now though.

This morning I got on the bus with my bag, my purse & my cupcake carrier, almost full of cupcakes. I had just missed the CT2, which is usually the less full bus and got on the 47 where I was standing close to the bus driver, hanging onto my cupcakes for dear life, since it was a pretty full bus. Luckily at the next stop a few people got off and a girl offered me her seat. It was probably the look on my face of “Crap. No bars to hold onto. Let’s see how I’m going to balance everything and hang onto the hand strap, not pull my arm out of its socket and not flip the cupcakes over.” as I made my way down the isle of the bus.

There are kind people in this world, despite what the news wants you to believe. Many thanks to her!

So I happily sat down with my cupcakes on  my lap next to this older gentleman. He looked at me, looked at my cupcakes, looked at me again and said “You’re missing a few there, did you eat them?”

I smiled, giggled and said that I had shared with a few people already.  He then commented on how he’s not allowed to have certain things anymore because he’s going through cancer treatment. He is supposed to eat a high fiber diet, and can have oatmeal, but not the hard cereals with a lot of fiber. And he’s allowed to eat ice cream and popsicles, but ice cream isn’t his favorite so he sticks to sugar-free popsicles.

Personally, I like popsicles. I think they’re fun and remind me of being a kid, when life was a lot simpler. So, I asked this chatty fellow his favorite flavor. He was taken aback for a moment, and I think he was surprised that someone was asking about him, taking an interest in his likes and dislikes. He’s a fan of lemon and the red ones.

He talked some more about food and mentioned his cancer and the treatments he had to go through in the next few weeks. All the while, he was upbeat about it. As he was getting off to go to the hospital for his appointment I wished him luck. He looked back at me and said “Thanks, but I’m gonna be all right.” And he meant it.

The lesson for today: Go get your favorite flavored popsicle, and know that it’s gonna be all right.