Musings: Recently seen on the interwebs…

It never ceases to amaze me what I find on the good ol’ interwebs. Here are a few things that struck me this week…

I always have this fear that I’m going to lose my Charlie Card. I remember losing it at least once, and it was the worst thing ever. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but when you get around by public transportation 99.8% of the time, losing your Charlie Card is HUGE. A whole number of emotions come to mind, and then there’s the stupidity tax (buying a new card) that is attached as well. I now carry my card in one of those key chain holders, and it’s attached to my keys, in hopes that I don’t lose either.  <knock on wood> I’ve only forgotten them inside my apartment, or they’ve gone into the depths of my bag-‘o-everything once or twice (or at least once a week). One day I fully expect to have a chip or something implanted into my hand so all I have to do is wave it over a reader to get on the bus or train.


Image from Kickstarter

Until then, we might have another option.  Some undergrad students from MIT came up with a brilliant idea of creating a wearable piece of jewelry that will act as a Charlie Card so you never have to go digging for yours again! I think the idea is brilliant, yet I can totally see myself losing the ring so much more easily than a card. Most likely I’d still attach it to my key chain, so I’d still need to search for it in my bag, because I’d be paranoid that it’d come off my finger at some point. And what happens when the color of the ring doesn’t go with my outfit — what’s a girl to do?


I briefly heard that there was a shooting at an elementary school on Tuesday, but sort of brushed it aside. Since April, I’ve gone on a news diet, particularly bad news. There seems to be more of it lately, or else my sense are heighten and I’m more sensitive/aware of it now. In any case, I didn’t see a ton of chatter on Facebook or Twitter, so I figured things weren’t too horrific. On Wednesday night I came home in between the wash and dry cycle at the laundromat, sat down to watch a few minutes of TV and read. When I turned on the TV, they were talking about the woman who talked down this gunman in an Georgia school. I only listened to part of the 911 call — Antoinette Tuff’s poise, and the way she connected with the gunman was nothing short of amazing. Her interview with NPR recounts the whole story.
It made me stop and wonder that if we were more compassionate and kind toward one another, toward ourselves, what a difference it could make in the world.


Sometimes you can’t find the right words to truly express how you’re feeling, or what is happening. It may just be that the word exists, but doesn’t translate well. A few of my favorites from this little find:

You all know that person who asks a lot of questions — maybe a co-worker, or your favorite youngster — they’re a pochemuchka (and also possibly annoying).

In my early twenties, I tended to go out to bars to socialize. Now that I’m older and can’t hear anything when the music is up too loud, I much prefer to  have actual conversations instead of screaming over some music. One of my favorite ways it converse is while sharing a lovely meal, whether it be out at a restaurant or at home. When your conversation continues after dinner, it’s called sobremesa.

I can be terribly impatient when I’m waiting for people to show up, particularly when I’m excited to see them. When I was at home in June, we were having a BBQ at my parents house with some friends and family I hadn’t seen in a while. I kept checking outside to see if anyone was in the driveway, or iktsuarpok. 


What’d you find interesting on the interwebs recently?


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