Blogiversary – Better late than never… right?!?!?!

I’m slightly neglectful — I totally didn’t realize that my blogiversary had passed at all <hangs head in shame>. Granted, I had been under the weather since before the retreat, and the stupid virus just wanted to hang out with me after as well (I mean, I know I’m fun to hang out with and all, but I’m not fond of hanging out with icky viruses!) — hence the lack of blog posts for about two weeks after the retreat (coughing all night and not sleeping does not bode well for trying to string a few words together, trust me).  I have no excuses since then….

But it wasn’t until my friend Kate posted this on her Facebook wall that I realized it had passed:

Kate Forster - blog comment

(thanks Kate! –  You should check out her blog!)

So I started to write a blog post…. but never finished it until now.  I’ve had some great ideas for posts… so watch for some in the near future. I know, you won’t believe it until you see it.

I remember when I first posted my blog I was talking to a good friend about it and he said “Knowing you like I do, your challenge will be to apply the philosophy of your first post to the blog”. He nailed it on the head. I struggle with the fact that I don’t necessarily have a focus, which then circles back to the whole “perfect” issue.It’s time to apply the ‘what the hell’ philosophy.

A while back I saw this card:

Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision? - anon Hollywood script writier

I bought it and have it in my room. It’s reminded me that taking chances is a good thing. I mean, that’s how I ended up buying a one month membership to a boxing gym — I said “what the hell”. So far it’s been good. I have a draft started…

<raises glass>

So, here’s to ‘what the hell’.

Happy Blogiversary… better late than never.