Blogiversary – Better late than never… right?!?!?!

I’m slightly neglectful — I totally didn’t realize that my blogiversary had passed at all <hangs head in shame>. Granted, I had been under the weather since before the retreat, and the stupid virus just wanted to hang out with me after as well (I mean, I know I’m fun to hang out with and all, but I’m not fond of hanging out with icky viruses!) — hence the lack of blog posts for about two weeks after the retreat (coughing all night and not sleeping does not bode well for trying to string a few words together, trust me).  I have no excuses since then….

But it wasn’t until my friend Kate posted this on her Facebook wall that I realized it had passed:

Kate Forster - blog comment

(thanks Kate! –  You should check out her blog!)

So I started to write a blog post…. but never finished it until now.  I’ve had some great ideas for posts… so watch for some in the near future. I know, you won’t believe it until you see it.

I remember when I first posted my blog I was talking to a good friend about it and he said “Knowing you like I do, your challenge will be to apply the philosophy of your first post to the blog”. He nailed it on the head. I struggle with the fact that I don’t necessarily have a focus, which then circles back to the whole “perfect” issue.It’s time to apply the ‘what the hell’ philosophy.

A while back I saw this card:

Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision? - anon Hollywood script writier

I bought it and have it in my room. It’s reminded me that taking chances is a good thing. I mean, that’s how I ended up buying a one month membership to a boxing gym — I said “what the hell”. So far it’s been good. I have a draft started…

<raises glass>

So, here’s to ‘what the hell’.

Happy Blogiversary… better late than never.


It doesn’t have to be perfect… just implemented

Perfection is over-rated.
An idea doesn’t have to be perfect.
It just has to be implemented.

@johnmorgan has tweeted this a few times, and it’s now one of my favorite quotes.  I have it hanging up in my office as a reminder because it’s true, and I need to be reminded of it often.

My ideas don’t need to be perfect to be executed, and so I’m starting my blog that I’ve thought about for FOREVER, but just haven’t done anything except THINK about it because I thought it needed to be perfect.

Perfectly thought out. Fit into the perfect mold. Have the perfect niche and audience. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

This is why all I did was just THINK about it. My idea wasn’t perfect. I didn’t have a plan for my blog. I wasn’t sure what niche my blog would fall into so I could properly promote it, blah blah, blah (everything that I had read about during my social media course in Spring 2010).

Then last week I read this post on Iowa Girl Eats, ended up following a link over to her brother’s blog, and then listened to the video of Seth Godin telling you why you need to blog.

So, here I am finally blogging.


My first attempt was when I was apartment hunting back in 2008.  It started as an e-mail to my Aunt and some of  my other family members, keeping them up to date with the trials and tribulations of apartment hunting in Boston (which is always an experience).  Then I decided that instead of having to e-mail everyone about it, I’d just blog. It was a great outlet, and when we found an apartment it ended.

Except, that I started going to the laundromat since we didn’t have laundry in the building.  The laundromat down the street isn’t crazy busy and a lot of people drop there items in the washer & dryers and leave to come back later. I actually don’t mind sitting and waiting for my clothes to be done.  It’s a time where I am usually not in front of my computer,  (Even though they have free wireless, dragging my laundry down the stairs is enough, let alone packing up my laptop and dragging that with me too.  I did try it once and couldn’t get online and the lady who owns the place didn’t know how to connect to it, only her son who was nowhere to be found. I digress.), and they usually don’t have anything interesting on the tv, and so I sometimes just knit, read a book or call someone if the place is quiet.

It’s actually not a bad place to think either. You can totally get lost while watching your clothes being tossed around and around in the dryer. Trust me on this one, I’ve done it numerous times, which is where I originally came up with the idea of this blog in Fall 2008. I had great ideas for posts as I sat and waited my laundry to be done, but didn’t do much about it at first, then whole perfection thing held me back though – you name it and I used it as an excuse.

But not anymore.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, and it’ll be what it ends up being in the end.

So here it is.
My Blog
Musings @ the Laundromat.